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Preying gods

An 8-movement suite composed for orchestra, played with rock instruments. The follow-up to the debut solo.

Prélude 1
She told him what had happened. Although not pleased, how can he blame a woman for being unable to resist a god? Thing will be alright, he tells himself. But Hera is vengeful; this is well known. And she is too scared to exact revenge on her husband. A dark foreboding hangs over the night. Are they safe?

Love Prevails
The morning brings sheer terror. The sight of the woman he has loved so much, now transformed into a half-woman half-bird turn his stomach. He runs away in horror, leaving her helpless to deal with the transformation by herself.

After a while, (Hours? Days? Weeks?) he stops finally. As much as the vision was terrifying, as much as some part of his brain still hates her for succumbing to a god, reality sets in. They were so good together and he can imagine life without her. He needs to find her. And perhaps appeal to Hera to transform her to the person she was.

Dreaming Awake
Where has she gone? It might be a long road to find her, but this is now his single-minded task. Days turn into nights, sleep and wake get blurred. The thought of reunification and of all the good times they still can have keeps him going.

Beauty Above
As he gets closer to Mount Olympus, he surveys the skies. And finally sees her flying above. She is a glorious sight despite her transformation.

The March
The thought of reunification with his lover overcomes the immense fear he feels at facing a jaded goddess. But he needs to make his appeal. His lover keeps flying above, but doesn’t seem to see him.

Head On
An appeal to the good senses of Hera. She somehow agrees to meet with him. He tells her his story and tells her of his love and how he needs to have her back. Hera entertains his thoughts. Perhaps she can be negotiated with? The goddess sees a chance at revenge towards her husband. She agrees to transform his lover back to her original self if he spends a night of passion with her. It seems a small price to pay. He agrees.

Almost Confrontation
Zeus arrives and catches them in the act. He is furious. He can cheat, but not his wife. The god and the goddess argue and fight for what seems like forever until Zeus finally brings his attention to him. He will let him live, but whatever Hera promised should be forgotten. The god is willing to forget, but not to forgive.

Last Embrace
He walks down the mountain, tired and sad. He might find his lover, but things will never be the same again. But perhaps they still can make it work? He hears a whistling sound from above. He looks up and there she is, coming straight at him at incredible speed, not even attempting to slow down. He realizes what she is doing. She sees him. Time slows down. He sees the recognition in her face, the realization and horror of what she is doing. She tries to stop her fall, but it is too late. She crashes into him at such incredible speed that the impact creates a small crater.

And there lay the lovers, in one last embrace for eternity.

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